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Everyone Loves Flippy!

"They're the only books my oldest daughter makes me put on her bedside table when she goes to sleep. She just loves her Flippy books...and 1 had to get two copies because the girls don't want to share them! Now I read my book and Flippy to my youngest daughter every night...and keep copies on my bedside table in car»e they come into our bed!"

-Brooke Shields, Actress & Mother, NYC & Los Angeles, CA


"just want to share with you how much Levi loves the Flippy books...Seriously, they are his favorite. Of the hundreds he has…everywhere we go it’s with “Flippy” on a road trippy.

thanks, just keep livin"

-Mathew McConaughey, Actor & Father, CA


My toddler has been hip to the Flippy books since she was a baby. She totally digs Flippy's entire scene. His buddies Toadpole and Crawdaddy and Hallmlgator and such, just chlllin' and turning into cowboys and ice cream cones and hippies, where ever their moods take them. These dudes are the free-est, most imaginative amphibians I've ever read about, -hppy and Toadpole, Through Flippy's Eyes, On The Flippy Side, these books are crazy and my daughter loves it! Here's to you, Hippy, you squirmy little scamp, you!

-Eddie Jemison, Actor & Father, Los Angeles, CA


"Jake says Flippy this and Flippy that...I think it has become a part of his permanent vocabulary! He even wants to call our next baby Flippy!!!!"

-Christo, Jake's Dad and Author of Charlz From Marz


"My daughter loves to read books and despite her monstrous collection of them, she pulls the same ones over and over again and the Flippy books are among her favs.  She likes for me to say the words real fast when we get into the different kinds of Flippy's you can be.  Surely you have an idea of how precious a gift that children's books are for kids and their parents, but just in case you haven't heard it lately, this mom appreciates it very much!   Like I said, we've shared many a laugh reading them and that is precious time with her that I will cherish forever.

In fact, my little girl recently saw that I was or. the Flippy website and informed me that she wanted to watch a "Flippy movie," so it looks like y'all have another project to get busy on.  Ha-Ha."

-Joni Owens, Mom of Mattie and Rylee, St. Francisville, LA


"My son Reese who is almost two, didn't have much interest in books - until he clued into Flippy and Toadpole.   Now he insists we read it together at least once a day.  He especially enjoys the "Chunky Chocolate Chippy Flippy" page at which point he actually licks the page and goes yummm."

-Loren Rigney, Super, zippy, flippy mom, California


"I am writing to tell you, you may have your youngest fan!   My daughter, who is only 5 weeks old, LOVES this book so much! We have just started reading her books as a way to entertain her when she's awake. 1 thought Flippy and Toadpole would be good since it has large print and huge artwork. When I read it to her, she gets wide-eyed, kicks her feet, waves her hands and makes all kinds of crazy baby noises.  Thanks for designing such a great book.  I'm sure it will continue to make her smile and laugh - as soon as she is able to!"

-Vicki Tripp, Producer & Mom, Los Angeles, CA


"My one year old LOVES his Through Flippy's Eyes book.  He has so many other books and that is the only one he will stay interested in...  I have it memorized and I'm sure he will also very soon."

-Laura Mendoza, Marcus' Mom, Garden Grove, California

"I wanted to let you know that my boys loved the books, my three year old tries to enact all of the things Flippy does, his favorite is, "If they ask you to dance, you must... Dippy Flippy." And he makes my one year old laugh really hard!  My son also hugs the pages of the books and tells me, "Watch Mommy I give Flippy a hug," it is the cutest thing, so I know he would definitely love to have his very own Flippy stuffed animal, especially for bedtime!"

-Virginia D'Ambrosi, Mother of two, New York


"HAD to write you a note and tell you how MUCH we LOVE your book...we are always "flippy chippy" this and "flippy flippy*4 that... we get so silly Samuel LOVES it... thanks for all the enjoyment you provide! :)

-Anna Garland, Mother of two, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


"Jr. is in love with Flippy. He has me read it to him all day long and he is even recognizing some of the words. He loves Flippy and he takes his Flippy book everywhere, in the car, to daycare, to bed and everywhere else you can imagine."

-Claudia Castillo, Mother & Student, California


"Savannah  and Sydney just love reading with Flippy and Friends... no question about it, they are their favorite books. Mow wher they bring me 'Flippy and Toadpole' to read, they automatically bring On The Flippy Side' too. They love the colorful pictures and fun rhyming words. I love the simple positive messages and that the books are very durable and easy for little hands to turn. 1 also really love that the girls want to read the books over and over again. We can't wait for the next one!''

- Cheryl Cannon, Mother of two, Corinth, TX


"Monie wanted me to email you because she has just started reading and one of her first books was 'Flippy and Toadpole'' She was totally excited and wanted me to tell you. She will be so psyched that y'all are coming to town for the signing of the latest Flippy book."

-Lisette P. Constantin, Ph.D., Mother of two, New Orleans, LA