Meet the Characters

."…And with that, Eartha jumped into the mud…And disappeared underneath. Everybody blinked, “Wow! That was cool! Where did Eartha go so fast?” Well, none of the others wanted to challenge Eartha, for it was plain to see that Eartha truly was the Hide-and-Go-Seek Champion of the whole swamp. Finally Flippy said, "We give up.” Eartha popped her head up and said, “Okay, lets go."…And so…They did.

 The four of them were walking along having a good time, when all of a sudden they heard a SPLASH!…And they saw something flipping across the water. Eartha jumped into the mud and disappeared again. Halimagator jumped into Toadpole's arms, and Flippy jumped into Halimagator's arms. Then someone started laughing. Loud. Eartha's head poked up out of the ground and looked around to see a funny crazy crawfish sitting there, in front of them. Eartha started laughing too…When she saw Flippy, Halimagator and Toadpole, all holding on to each other like they had seen a ghost. Eartha Laughed some more, "That's just Crawdaddy. He's the fastest backwards swimmer in the whole swamp…And…                          CONTINUE READING