Meet the Characters

Their sides were hurting. That Halimagator was one good storyteller.

 They kept walking, and then Flippy stopped. He heard a tiny little voice cry out, "Be careful where you step!" "What was that?" said Flippy. "What was what?" said Toadpole. "Yeah, what was what?" said the tiny little voice. "Who said that?" said Halimagtor.

Flippy looked down and said, "Oh look it's a cute little earthworm.” But the earthworm said, "I'm not an earth worm. I'm an Eartha worm. My name's Eartha."

Toadpole started laughing and then pretty soon everybody was laughing. Flippy said, "Hey Eartha, do you want to come play with us?" Eartha said, "I sure do." And ever since, they have all been fast friends.

The four of them kept walking through the swamp and Halimagator asked if there was really such a thing as an “Eartha” worm. Eartha said, "Sure is! You’re looking at one, and I'm the Hide-and-Go-Seek Champion of the whole swamp. If anyone ever wants to challenge me...I will prove my claim."                      CONTINUE TO READ                            —CONTINUE...                   —CONTINUE...