Meet the Characters

Meet Flippy’s Friends

Fast Friends . . .The story of how Flippy and Toadpole met the rest of the gang.

One day Flippy and Toadpole were walking around the swamp, and they came up on a Lilly pad. You know? A toadstool. One of those things that frogs usually sit on. But this time instead of a frog sitting on it, there was an alligator. Flippy said, "Hey look there's an ali-ma-gator." Toadpole laughed and said, “You mean an alligator...And then the alligator laughed and said: "You mean a Hali-ma-gator." Flippy and Toadpole jumped back. Halimagator laughed some more, "My name's Halimagator but you can call me Hal.” Flippy looked at Toadpole and laughed and then he said, "Hey Halimagator you want to come and play with us?” Halimagator said, "I sure do."...And ever since, they have all been fast friends.

The three of them kept walking around the swamp and Halimagator told stories that made Flippy and Toadpole laugh so much…                         —CONTINUE READING