"They're the only books my oldest daughter makes me put on her bedside table when she goes to sleep. She just loves her Flippy books...and 1 had to get two copies because the girls don't want to share them! Now I read my book and Flippy to my youngest daughter every night...and keep copies on my bedside table in car»e they come into our bed!"

-Brooke Shields, Actress & Mother, NYC & Los Angeles, CA


"just want to share with you how much Levi loves the Flippy books...Seriously, they are his favorite. Of the hundreds he has…everywhere we go it’s with “Flippy” on a road trippy. 

thanks, just keep livin"

-Mathew McConaughey, Actor & Father, CA


My toddler has been hip to the Flippy books since she was a baby. She totally digs Flippy's entire scene. His buddies Toadpole and Crawdaddy and Hallmlgator

                                                                                             —CONTINUE TO READ