and such, just chlllin' and turning into cowboys and ice cream cones and hippies, where ever their moods take them. These dudes are the free-est, most imaginative amphibians I've ever read about, -hppy and Toadpole, Through Flippy's Eyes, On The Flippy Side, these books are crazy and my daughter loves it! Here's to you, Hippy, you squirmy little scamp, you!

-Eddie Jemison, Actor & Father, Los Angeles, CA


"Jake says Flippy this and Flippy that...I think it has become a part of his permanent vocabulary! He even wants to call our next baby Flippy!!!!"

-Christo, Jake's Dad and Author of Charlz From Marz


"My daughter loves to read books and despite her monstrous collection of them, she pulls the same ones over and over again and the Flippy books are among her favs.  She likes for me to say the words real fast when we get into the different kinds of Flippy's you can be.  Surely you have an idea of how precious a gift that children's books are for kids and their parents, but just in case you haven't heard it lately, this mom appreciates it very much!   Like I said, we've shared many a laugh reading them and that is precious time with her that I will cherish forever.
                                                                                             â€”CONTINUE TO READ